USA = 1st world country is a delusion. mass incarceration, infant mortality, & women dying in childbirth, all at 3rd world rates. and then there's child marriage--

child marriage. all over the united states.

2000-2015, 87% of child marriages in the U.S. involved underage girls and 13% involved underage boys

IDAHO: no limit to age, highest rate, so focus of bbc video/article below, along with FLORIDA, which is also named, along with VIRGINIA and NEW YORK in the wikipedia article linked directly above. the laws are changing , but very slowly, and due to exceptions in each state, it is a human rights violation perpetrated all over the united states, predominantly by parents against girls. this is why GIRLHOOD MATTERS. being raised female means being subject to horrific lack of humane treatment and the normalization of sexual abuse by adults, and that’s not only within the bounds of child marriage. girlhood is a sexual gulag; all sex is prison sex when you have been groomed to believe you have no right to object. all slavery must end, including prostitution and child marriage. we are not in the First World as long as girls grow up in a world where we are expected to abnegate all selfhood in the service of sexual and emotional labor for men.


numbers and rates by state


Unchained At Last = 2 links above— please go there and help if you can.

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